La Paz Beaches

Explore the different beaches that La Paz offers, a unique attraction of the destination, whether you visit them to rest or enjoy the day.
  • Open Beaches: El Coromuel, La Concha, El Tesoro, Pichinilngue, Balandra, La Ventana, Los Barriles, Cerritos and Isla Espíritu Santo.
  • Mandatory use of mask
  • 5 people per vehicle
  • Special parking spaces will be assigned
  • Access control at the entrance and exit of each beach will be in charge of the National Guard, State and Municipal Police.
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Balandra: For those who love serenity and total relaxation, Balandra is the right place to visit. Balandra is world famous for its spectacular views , white sand beaches and pristine blue crystal clear waters. The only noise that can be heard in Balandra is the water splashing and the gulls that visit the seashore. Balandra is home for a rock formation famous for its structure and location, “El Hongo” has been eroded over the years and has become an emblematic monument of La Paz. In 2021 it was named the best beach in Mexico. Currently, the entrance to Balandra beach is contemplated by blocks. the first block is from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and the second one from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., with 280 people in each of the groups. There is an entrance fee of $50 pesos for national and international visitors, and local residents have free access.


El Coromuel: This is the first beach of the tourist corridor of La Paz. Playa Coromuel is popular among locals given its proximity to the city known for hosting families who spend their weekends under the comfortable palm umbrellas. You can find palapas, bathrooms, and all the facilities to have fun. Recently it was certified with the Blue Flag badge.

Pichilingue: This beach is located near the port, but still far from any noise or crowds. Pichilingue has two seafront excellent seafood restaurants where you can enjoy the typical chocolate clams. It is an ideal beach to practice wakeboarding because of its extension

El Tecolote: El Tecolote is the last beach on the scenic road in La Paz and is at the tip of the bay. You can see Espiritu Santo Island to the north from the shore. You can find all kinds of places to rent water sports, 3 seafood restaurants and the walk on the beach seems never to end. Young people and families usually live here for a fun weekend