Gastronomic experiences in Todos Santos

Gastronomy is part of the experiences that make Todos Santos one of the must-see stops in Baja California Sur. As part of the attractions that make Baja California Sur a unique destination, its cuisine is one of the must-sees; not only for its flavor and freshness, but also for the culinary experiences it offers, such as the opportunity to harvest …

Live Jazz Sunsets in El Mirador Ocean View Todos Santos

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Live Jazz Sunsets Every Sunday (5:00 to 8:00 pm) El Mirador Oceanview Restaurant in Todos Santos Traditional Mexiterranean dishes, stunning ocean views and now featuring jazz pianist Bill Levine On Todos Santos, take Camino al Mirador Restaurant from Los Cabos Highway. Facebook @GuaycuraHotel E-mail Ph +52 (612) 175 0800.