Coronavirus information

Stay at home today so you can visit la paz tomorrow

The Reopening of our destination has some rules and it will be decided by the Health Committee.

They made a traffic light system which will be changing color depending on the covid cases and situation. Each color has the social distancing ft between people, this traffic light system works on every economic and social activities.

This week we are in orange color and Restaurants and Hotels can work with 30 percent of their capability.
Guests can do all the activities provided by the hotel like golf or tennis if the property has a field.

Hygiene protocols by the health committee will be followed, like the use of face masks, sanitation filters, for customers and guests.

Activities in the Espiritu Santo Island, Balandra, Whale Shark are closed.

Sport fishing and Golf are open.

Sport Fishing:

It can only be done by operators with a license.

These are the measurements.

Boats: 20-24 ft 2 from crew, 2 customers: total 4 people.
Boats: 26-30 ft 2 from crew, 3 customers: total 5 people.
Boats: 32-55 ft 2 from crew, 5 customers: total 7 people.
Boats:56- 70 ft 4 from crew, 8 customers: total 12 people.

Open Beaches/ numbers of people can visit the beaches in orange color:

Extension of the hours for restaurants and street vendors until 23:00. Mobile and semi-fixed stalls must offer only take-out.

Filter reinforcement in public transport

Total closure of the boardwalk to pedestrians including the Molinito – Coromuel section. Only vehicles and bicycles are allowed.

Total closure of beaches.

Every Monday we will have the message from the Governor. He will describe the situation of Covid in the state and he will release the measurements for the reopening of some activities, if we have a positive panorama we will change to a color towards green but if we don’t we will take a step back.

It's time to work together for Baja California Sur!

Would you like to help people in need with medical supplies or food?

La Paz health advisory