The people of La Paz are very jealous of their shelter. When a traveler enjoys their hospitality, they invite him to taste the wild plums of the Mogote, tangy and tasty, – “He who eats plums from the Mogote, no longer leaves here”, people used to say that frequently.

Swimming with whale sharks

Its large size and noble personality place it in the classification among the largest fish in the world, with lengths of up to 12 meters and weight of up to 20 tons. This good-natured giant does not represent any danger to humans, they are calm and friendly.

Wherever you go, say what you hear

As the famous saying indicates, the best strategy to enjoy your holidays in the company of La Paz locals is to share with them and speak like them, or well, at least to try to understand them. The South Californians of yesteryear and those of today are the result of interculturality, a legacy of the migrants who have found in

The creatures that unite the sea and the land. Ecotourism and connection in La Paz

In 1983 the term ecotourism and its definition were introduced by Arch. Héctor Ceballos Lascuráin, director of IUCN. Among its main objectives, ecotourism seeks to raise awareness among people who spend time with the flora, fauna and culture of the place they visit, as well as caring for the environment; taking into account the economic influence for the benefit of

Memories from other times

Every May 3rd La Paz Foundation festivities are celebrated. On a day like that in 1535 Hernan Cortés arrived at a paradise of beautiful beaches full of pearls and native men and women, which he named Puerto and Valle de La Santa Cruz, after navigating the gulf that he named the Sea of ​​Cortez in search of a European legend,

5 tips for your next SUP adventure

Stand up paddle (SUP) is a sport that has been gaining popularity internationally in recent years and in La Paz it is no exception. With its calm and crystal clear waters, the beaches of La Paz are the ideal place to practice this sport. Bays sheltered from large currents, mangrove channels and a panoramic view of the city are frequent