The quick guide to eating (and drinking) in La Paz

Did anyone say food? Because in La Paz there is a lot of it and it is delicious, too. La Paz has a dynamic culinary scene that results in unique experiences to pamper your palate and taste fresh flavors. What makes it so special? By the nature of La Paz, fish and seafood are the protagonists of the main regional

The Magic of the Malecon of La Paz

The Malecon of La Paz is one of the city’s icons. For locals and visitors alike, this waterfront boardwalk is the ideal place to meet, walk, exercise or simply enjoy the dazzling colors that the sunsets offer. Along the malecon of La Paz, there are various sculptures that give it. life  Through these you can learn about the history and

La Paz is one of the 52 international destinations to visit in 2020

La Paz is the only Mexican destination on the list. La Paz, capital of Baja California Sur is number 18 worldwide to visit in 2020. As every year, the American newspaper The New York Times published the 52 destinations to visit in 2020, and thanks to its authenticity and beauty, La Paz is the only Mexican destination on the list.

Gastronomic experiences in Todos Santos

Gastronomy is part of the experiences that make Todos Santos one of the must-see stops in Baja California Sur. As part of the attractions that make Baja California Sur a unique destination, its cuisine is one of the must-sees; not only for its flavor and freshness, but also for the culinary experiences it offers, such as the opportunity to harvest

The dream Island that you can visit on your next trip to La Paz

Espiritu Santo Island is one of the greatest attractions for all who visit La Paz. This magical place is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its great marine wealth, its unique landscapes that combine the sea with the desert, and the great biodiversity it houses. The trip to Espiritu Santo Island lasts a full day and you

7 beaches of La Paz that you cannot miss

La Paz, an adventure destination where you can discover dream beaches every day, surround yourself with nature and recharge your energy. Here are 7 beaches of La Paz that you can not miss on your next visit: Coromuel beach Popular for its city center proximity, this beach boasts the Blue Flag badge for meeting the established criteria of quality, safety