Between land and sea: The sand dunes

A dune is an accumulation of marine sand created by the wind. They are formed by very thin layers and are dynamic in their shape and space, they move and change. They are always asymmetrical: the side facing the wind is convex and gently sloping, the opposite face is steeper. They advance and move, pushed by the wind; and although

New Routes New Horizons To Explore

La Paz is widening its air connectivity with two new international destinations that provide the opportunity for thousands of travelers to explore new horizons. Dallas, one of the largest cities in the United States, is located in Dallas County in the state of Texas. Due to its central location, it does not have a connection to the sea. It is 

The peninsula and its legends

“To the north of La Paz a peninsula called El Mechudo penetrates the sea. The site, at the turn of the century, was a pearl hotspot with hundreds of divers gathering there every year there to collect them. At the end of each season, before the cold and northeast winds that made diving maneuvers impossible, fishermen usually took out one last pearl “for the virgin.”

In This Troubled World No One from Death Can Walk away

“No estaba muerto, andaba de parranda” “He wasn’t dead, he was partying” In this colorful and beautiful celebration, the living and the dead meet. The souls return to rejoice with the dishes, fruits and drinks, and also to contemplate the cempasuchil flowers offered to them.

Hurricane Winds?

On the side of the Pacific Ocean, we find ourselves with a fairly active hurricane and cyclone season, which begins regularly in mid May and ends in November.

How to get to La Paz from San Diego?

La Paz is located about 1000 miles (1,500 km) from the northern border on the transpeninsular highway where it connects with California and its different cities including San Diego and many more. By land, the journey from San Diego to La Paz is made by hundreds of drivers from the United States and Canada every year, as if they were