Memories from other times

Every May 3rd La Paz Foundation festivities are celebrated. On a day like that in 1535 Hernan Cortés arrived at a paradise of beautiful beaches full of pearls and native men and women, which he named Puerto and Valle de La Santa Cruz, after navigating the gulf that he named the Sea of ​​Cortez in search of a European legend,

5 tips for your next SUP adventure

Stand up paddle (SUP) is a sport that has been gaining popularity internationally in recent years and in La Paz it is no exception. With its calm and crystal clear waters, the beaches of La Paz are the ideal place to practice this sport. Bays sheltered from large currents, mangrove channels and a panoramic view of the city are frequent

By Bicycle through the city of La Paz

Cycling a city streets always gives us a new perspective. In addition to promoting clean transportation, you exercise while enjoying the ride and discover the peculiarities of each block with its inhabitants, architecture and local businesses. The new bike path in La Paz allows you to explore the city passing through various neighborhoods and enjoying the extensive waterfront, locally known

La Paz Urban Art

La Paz, the port of illusion of Baja California Sur. In its waters, beaches and mountains, artists find inspiration that leads them to create artwork to tell stories, myths and legends where the interconnection between local inhabitants and nature is the main protagonist. In recent years, a boom for capturing murals has emerged  throughout the city. With murals over 30

3 Nature walks around La Paz

The landscapes of La Paz and its surroundings offer unique opportunities to enjoy nature with breathtaking views of the desert and marvel at the way it blends with the sea. Here are three walks that you can take on your next trip to La Paz and delight in the combination of colors and spectacular settings found in Baja California Sur.

5 tips to enjoy the magic of Balandra

Have you ever heard about Balandra? Have you seen photos of how spectacular this bay is? Don’t you know where it is? This reserve is located in the Baja California peninsula 23 km south from La Paz. It is magical for its turquoise color and crystalline appearance which is due to its low depth and calm waves. The incredible thing

La Paz health advisory