Snorkel & Diving

Explore the aquarium of the world

The Sea of Cortez offers a wide variety of diving and snorkeling sites, with different ecosystems, marine life, and wildlife. Only 30 kilometers from La Paz is Espíritu Santo Island, where you can snorkel and marvel at the seabed while swimming next to the largest sea lion colony in the world – and the only one where you can interact with these friendly animals in their natural habitat.

Another wonderful experience is visiting the Barco Hundido Salvatierra (the sunken ship Salvatierra), in the San Lorenzo canal 20 kilometers from La Paz. This artificial reef is covered with black coral, and inhabited by a multitude of mollusks seeking food in the nooks and crannies of the ship. It is also an important site for viewing tropical fish species, such as barracuda, grouper, and parrot fish.

The areas of El Bajo, Los Islotes, Las Ánimas, La Reina, and La Reinita, near the islands of the bay, are ideal for scuba diving. Spring and summer are the best seasons for this activity.